Balloon Launcher Car Toy Set

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Keep Kids Entertained For Hours With Fun & Laughter!

Watch your children let go of the iPad and take a profound interest in this creative Balloon Launching Toy. They'll be preoccupied for hours!

It's easy to play with, simply attach a balloon to the launcher nozzle, plug into the pump, fill the balloon, and release. (Pictured instructions below)

The pressure built inside the balloon provides a thrust that allows the astronaut to fly up or the car to race forward, and it provides parents with a fun science lesson to teach your kids. The perfect demonstration of 
Isaac Newton's third law of motionFor every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Packaging includes:

  • 1 X Balloon launch tower
  • 2 X Powered Balloon Car
  • 1 X Powered Balloon Crab Car
  • 1 X Launch Tower
  • 1 X Astronaut Launcher
  • 1 X Rocket Launcher
  • 12 X Durable Balloon (Random Color)