Innovative Car Scuff Remover

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Cheap, Easy DIY Fix for any Scuff or Scratch!

This scuff remover makes getting rid of stubborn and deep scuffs, scratches, swirls, or markings on your car easy and affordable! It's made with the best ingredients that effectively and instantly fixes your car from damage caused by scratches and restores it to its perfect gloss and shine, leaving your car looking new!



Tired of spending a small fortune on repairing minor scuffs/scratches on your car? 


  • Innovative Design: specially designed to remove wear and tear.

  • No Unnecessary Chemicals: Premium quality chemicals that do not contain unnecessary color dyes or scents.

  • Specially Designed Sponge: Comes with a specially designed sponge that is the perfect partner to use when applying the scuff remover ensuring the original paint or clear coat remains unharmed.


Designed to protect your car’s coat, it does not contain any wax formula making it GUARANTEED that the scratches are polished away and not just filled in! Easily takes away years of wear and tear on your car leaving it looking good as new!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Scuff Remover
  • 1 x Sponge