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Celebrate the Holidays with Twerking Santa, the #1 best-selling ornament of 2020, he's guaranteed to get a good laugh from your family or guests this Christmas. The perfect gag gift or ornament for every home, shake your booty with him as he sings your favorite Christmas songs!

  • 3 x AA Battery Operated
  • Sings Festive Songs While Twerking
  • #1 Best-Selling Ornament
  • The Perfect Gag Gift
  • Hand Stitched Flannel Fabric

Made with handmade stitched flannel, the high-quality Santa is easily powered on and off using the button on his glove. Perfect for Children, friends, parties, and getting a good laugh, this will be the ornament you're most excited for every year!

Package Specifications

1 x Electric Twerking Santa
1 x Gift Box
3 x AA Battery Operated
Handmade Flannel, PVC Plastic